Elon Musk took his children to Walmart to witness the pandemic toilet paper scarcity

Elon Musk took his children to Walmart to witness the pandemic toilet paper scarcity.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk.


  • During Tesla’s Q4 earnings call, Elon Musk linked toilet paper shortages to worldwide chip shortages.
  • Musk claimed that he took his children to Walmart and H-E-B to observe for himself the shortages.
  • He claimed that individuals’ panic-buying toilet paper is a “strange choice.”



Elon Musk informed investors that he went to see pandemic panic-buying of toilet paper for himself.

During Tesla’s Q4 earnings call on Wednesday, Musk revealed the trip when discussing the global chip shortage.

Musk compared the global chip scarcity to the early epidemic toilet paper shortages that struck retailers and supermarkets.

“I believe there is a degree of the toilet paper problem as well, as there was a lack of toilet paper during COVID. Obviously, there wasn’t a significant increase in the need for ass-wiping. It’s only that people panicked and bought every paper product they could think of to wipe their arses with “Musk stated the following.

He then informed investors that the toilet paper shortages had piqued his interest, so he had gone to check what was going on.

“I wasn’t sure, is this like a real thing or not? I actually took my kids to the H-E-B and Walmart in Texas to just confirm if it was real. Indeed, it was. And there’s plenty of food and everything else but just nothing, no paper products,” he said.

Toilet paper was a “strange choice” of material for people to be concerned about, according to Musk.

“I suppose toilet paper is the least of your issues if the end of the world is approaching,” he remarked.

Musk voiced skepticism about the pandemic’s seriousness in its early phases. “The coronavirus hysteria is stupid,” he tweeted in March 2020.


During a Tesla earnings call in April, he railed against stay-at-home orders, calling them “fascist” and said they amounted to “forcible imprisoning of individuals in their houses against all of their constitutional rights.”


In December 2021, the Tesla billionaire told Time magazine that he and his children have been vaccinated and that he opposes mask regulations.


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